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Trinity Court Potteries was established in 1992 by Jim and Emma who together have been producing replica ceramics for over 27 years . All the replicas we make are reproduced to museum standards using clays, inclusions and glazes that are specifically matched where possible to each original artefact. We produce ceramics from the Iron Age through to the 18th Century. The Italian Maiolica and tin glazed earthenware is made by Jim, who painstakingly handpaints each piece using  original techniques.


Jim trained at Derby  a course dedicating to good foundations in potting techniques. Jims interest in Archaeology started when he volunteered  on digs in Lincolnshire, becoming fascinated by the undoubtable skills of the Medieval Master potters, unearthing rope twisted handles and sagged bottomed pitchers. He found he was strongly influenced by the pots of the past - traditional earthenware, slip-wares and technological development through time. Re-creating pots is a puzzle and at times challenging, as the clues are locked in the remaining sherds and artefacts. Jim often says he works for the potters that made the originals, in reverence  to them not himself. It's a pleasure to bring the pots to life in experimental archaeology not only in the recreation but in their use, working with living history groups as they bring to life the function and the beauty of what we create.Jim was fortunate have work for Clive Bowen, and later Wetheriggs Pottery before spending three months walking Spain from pottery to pottery to learn traditional skills that are becoming forgotten. 

 The replica pottery we make is fired in a wood fired kiln, fired on sustainable wood sources, we are very proud of the willow that is harvested within 1 miles of the pottery, which is pollarded on a two yearly cycle. We believe that is is only possible to recreate pottery from the past by not only adopting techniques, using correct materials and firing, but also trying to understand the needs of the customers of the time and the life of the potter supplying their customers. Domestic to industrial production serving the people's changing needs, so much to discover and so inspiring, Master craftsmen speaking through sherds.

You can make purchases at historical markets and events in England and Europe. Please follow us on facebook and Instagram as we learn something new as we bring pots of history to life.

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